Hallam Racks’ has a vast range of locking options available. All cabinets, as a standard, are fitted with a standard cam lock that is keyed to 92268. Other cam lock combinations are available to enable the security of your cabinet to be keyed to a solution that suits the application.

Standard Bi-Lock systems can be keyed in specific numeric systems with the option of master keys also.

Our 3-point swing handles are fully upgradable; with a standard swing handle keyed to 92268; the internal cylinders can be upgraded at any stage to a different keying system; a Bi-Lock keying system; or to a Smart Key Access Control solution for intelligent locking using the LOKtouch E-Cylinder Series.

– Easy to install
– Keyed to your requirements if needed
– Keying systems available
– Endless locking solutions

Available Locking Solutions:
– Basic Cam Lock Systems
– Bi-Lock systems
– 3 Point Locking Systems
– Smart Access Control Systems
– Slam Lock Systems
– SCEC Approved Class C and Class B Locking Systems (supplied on Class B & C Cabinets)
– Unique keying systems
– Master Keys
– Combination Locking Systems