Eaton ePDU’s are an enclosure based Power Distribution Unit designed specifically for the data centre environment. Eaton ePDU’s provide reliable, consistent power distribution and allow you to measure, monitor and manage your energy consumption down to individual server level.

ePDU G3 Managed
Switch and Meter Outlets & IT equipment across A and B feed

ePDU G3 Switched
Switch Outlets & IT equipment across A and B feed + meter the input and branch circuits.

ePDU G3 Metered Outlet
Meter the Input, branch, individual outlets & IT equipment across A and B feed

ePDU G3 Metered Input
Meter the Input, phase and branch circuits

ePDU G3 In-Line Metered
Add metering to upgrade Basic PDUs

ePDU G3 Basic
Basic Reliable Power Distribution

Available Range:
– ePDU G3 Managed
– ePDU G3 Switched
– ePDU G3 Metered Outlet
– ePDU G3 Metered Input
– ePDU G3 In-Line Metered
– ePDU G3 Basic
– Plus various additional add-ons

Need help determining what ePDU suits your application?
Feel free to call our sales team or click here to go to the Eaton ePDU selector assist page.