Computer Support Systems is an Australian leader in electronic manufacturing, which designs, installs and maintains sophisticated environmental monitoring and alarm management products for the security, communications and data systems industries.

Their Intelligent Power allows for turning powered devices on or off, as well as power cycling devices on the server rack just by visiting a webpage & controlling the power outlet of the device connected. The current load and the environmental sensor status on the Intelligent Power can be monitored via the webpage and the LCD screen. In the case of exceeding user set Current load or environmental thresholds Intelligent Power has the capability of notifying the incident via email or SNMP traps.

Intelligent Power viewing shows the status of the server rack power on each individual power outlet. The custom controlled timed reboots for each power outlet provide delays on start-up in the case of a power failure. This allows selected devices to turn on prior to other devices in a selected sequence. All this is done by remotely accessing the device via a web interface. Suitable for customer KWH billing via NetSense Date Centre monitoring and control software.

In the case when network connectivity is down, as an alternative outlet control access method, Intelligent Power provides a serial port connection to perform the fundamental controls to your outlets. When in use, Intelligent Power is a network element on the network, thus it will have its own IP address. Intelligent Power comprises an embedded web server. With a standard web browser installed in almost all computers today, you can easily view Intelligent Power webpages on to monitor status, control power outlets remotely & view the Power & sensor status.

– Up to 24 web controlled power outlets.
– Available in 1/4/6/8/24/42 power outlet versions to suit your application.
– KWH information for billing via NetSense Data Centre monitoring and control software
– 2KW to 24KW power ranges
– Single phase inputs available in 10a, 16a, 20a and 32a
– Three phase inputs available in 16a, 20a and 32a (three phase options only available in 24 outlet models)
– Modular format on all outlet types in blocks of 8 outlets per module
– Australian, IEC C13 and IEC C19 outlets available
– KWH, KW, Amperage, Voltage and PF monitoring.
– 2 Digital sensor inputs to capture external alarms.
– Relay output for remote control of rack doors
– Optional temperature and humidity sensor.
– SNMP enabled or obtaining device details, outlet & sensor status and power consumption.
– SNMP traps for alarms.
– SMTP enabled for notifying alarm conditions.
– Graphic LCD panel displaying all power features, temperature, humidity and system status.
– Powerful embedded microprocessor driven, with networking features.
– Vertically installed inside of the server rack, for new and existing server racks.
– LEDs to indicate outlets that are powered on.
– Remote configuration and monitoring capabilities.
– Up to 40 local entries in each configuration, event & alarm logs.
– Two level protection in controlling.
– Administration user and up to three normal users with restricted grants.
– Clear status view of each power outlet on user interface.
– Sequential power outlet control on power failure and reboot functions
– Serial port access to control & view status of outlets.
– Compatible with NetSense Data Centre application software for all functions

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