Hallam Racks’ offer a range of fan trays in all racks and cabinets.

The roof mounted rack fan trays were designed to sit flush on the top of the frame, with a raised canopy to allow air to escape.

The plinth fans are positioned in the base of the frame, drawing air in through filtered intakes and pushing the air vertically into the cabinet.

The range of rack mount fan trays are an option to install throughout the height of the rack to assist in further movement of air.

The wall cabinet fan trays offer a simple installation where they sit on the roof of the wall cabinet drawing out of the enclosure.

– Air extraction
– Easily mounted
– Electrically tested prior to supply
– Combinations of fans per tray
– Available all cabinet designs
– Low Noise fans optional
– Optional Pre-set Thermostats (Set at 26⁰)
– Optional Adjustable Thermostats (Variable from 0-90⁰)