Cable Interface Kits

The Cable Interface Kits for FRE® enclosures are designed to make it easier to terminate loose tube cables into rack enclosures. The Multi-enclosure interface kit is designed to separate the inner tubes for termination into multiple enclosures.

The Multi-cable interface kit combines the inner tubes of up to 4 loose tube cables for termination into a single enclosure.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-enclosure interface kit can eliminate the need for a breakout box, reducing rack space
  • Multi-cable interface kit allows extra cables to be added after the initial installation
  • Corrugated tubing prevents the tubes from kinking
  • Snap-on fittings reduces installation times


  • Where rack space for additional enclosures and cable management is limited


  • Multi-enclosure
  • Incoming cable can be split 2, 3 or 4 ways
  • Multi-cable
  • Up to 4 incoming cables
  • Optional accessories

Additional flexible conduit for remote cable breakout and fixing